Garden and Soft Play

Soft play

Soft play is located in the centre of the building, which children throughout the nursery get the opportunity to play in on a regular basis.

Soft play enables children to explore and learn in an environment that encourages their physical, emotional and intellectual development. Using soft play encourages children to be active whilst exploring and learning in a fun environment

The idea behind soft play is for children to use their imagination and get involved in exploratory play, active and exploratory soft play helps children learn new motor skills in a fun and stimulating environment. It helps develop physical activity and encourages children to enjoy exercising, but as it is essentially play it feels fun and exciting for them.


Working with Red Monkey Play, a specialist Playground Design and Installation Company, we have created a unique and inspiring play environment. In 2010 we created an attractive and stimulating outside learning space, with a variety of different zones, which include a stage with musical equipment, a woodland physical challenge area with monkey bars, balance beams and wobbly bridge. The shaded story chair area with mushroom seats provides us with a comfortable area to develop literacy skills through story times and singing.

Our children’s imaginations are captured by our Pirate Ship with Treasure Chest sand box and Mud Kitchen.

The garden is a stimulating sensory environment, having six different floor surfaces for the younger children to develop their crawling and walking skills and is equipped with a large variety of cars, trikes, push along toys, and all the usual bats, balls and garden games, as well as a maypole!

Playtimes are staggered so that the children are able to play within mixed age groups and interact with others including siblings. Staff are always on hand not only to ensure the children’s safety, but to provide activities, and encourage development in play.