Enquiries and Settling In

When your child starts at Topsham House, it is important for everyone concerned that they are happy and settle in as soon as possible. Some children feel comfortable straight away, whilst others take longer to get used to their new environment.

We want your child to feel safe and happy in your absence as they cannot play and learn successfully if they are anxious and unhappy. Our settling in procedure aims to help you and your child feel welcome, comfortable and involved at Topsham House.

When a child is accepted by the nursery, arrangements will be made for 2 preliminary visits so that the child can familiarise him/herself with the nursery. Whilst Topsham House would like all children to undertake these visits, it is understood that parent’s needs may not facilitate the preliminary visits.

The first visit gives an opportunity for parents/carers to discuss the child’s needs, likes, dislikes, and routines and for building a working relationship with the child’s carers. Parents are invited to stay with the child for as long as they wish, so that they too familiarise themselves with the nursery, staff and routines.

At the second visit the parents are encouraged to settle their child before leaving them for an initial shorter session.

We aim to create a partnership with you as parent/carer in helping your child to settle in the following ways –

  • By encouraging parents/carers to visit Topsham House with their children during the weeks before admission is planned.
  • By ensuring that parents/carers are given plenty of information about all aspects of the nursery before their child starts.
  • By making clear to families from the outset that they will be welcome and supported for as long as it takes to settle their child and subsequently during the child’s time at the nursery.
  • By working with parents/carers to find a suitable way of gently easing their child into life at Topsham House; for example, this might mean parents separating from their children for brief periods at first, gradually building up to longer absences.
  • By establishing daily routines in the nursery; routines play a central role in children’s lives and it is through repetition and expectation of what will happen next that they increase in confidence. Children need to have security, as this will help them settle in and make friends.

Our ultimate aim is to work with each parent/carer, in partnership, to ensure that they and their child settle happily into life at Topsham House.