Fees and Funding

The following charges are per month

Full time (including all meals)
Mon-Fri 7:45am – 6:00pm
Day (including all meals)
7:45am – 6:00pm
Session (including lunch)
7:45am-1:00pm or 12:00pm-6:00pm
Session (not including lunch)
7:45am-12:00pm or 1:00pm-6:00pm

Fees are due in advance on the 1st of each month and may be paid for by cash, online bank transfer and debit card. Fees paid for by credit card will incur an additional charge.

Any fees that have not been paid for 7th of each month will incur a 20 late penalty charge.

An annual fee review takes place every February and changes are effective from 1st April.

Extra sessions

Extra sessions would be invoiced at the following rates:

Session £38
Session (including lunch) £44
Day £61.75
Hour £10.25

Childcare vouchers

Employers childcare vouchers can help you to pay for your childcare and are one of the ways that your employer can help to support you.

Provided certain conditions are met you are able to claim up to 55 per week (243 per month) through childcare vouchers. This is exempt from tax and National Insurance Contributions, so vouchers can help you pay your childcare fees.

Each employed parent may claim the vouchers through their employer. Therefore a 2 parent family could save up to per month. The exact amount that you can save depends on individual circumstances.

We are able to accept vouchers from many providers and would be happy to discuss your own requirements with you. Please feel free to call.

Childrens Club

Holiday club places must be booked in advance. Bookings for holiday club will be accepted on a first come first served basis. We will inform you if a day you have requested is NOT available.
4 weeks’ notice must be given to cancel a holiday club booking. Full fees will be charged if 4 weeks’ notice is not received.
Any outstanding fees not paid by the 7th of the relevant month will incur a late payment fee of £20.

Fees include relevant meals (breakfast, lunch and tea). Transportation costs to and from schools are also included. Trips are provided at an additional cost to the daily fee.

Summer Holiday Club 2016 will be operating from Monday 1st August to Friday 26th August. (4 weeks)

This fee structure will be reviewed in February 2017, for fees from April 2017.

Before School Morning £12.00
Before School Week £58.00
After school Afternoon £16.25
After school Week £78.00
Holiday Club Full Week £185.00
Holiday Club Full Day (7.45am to 6pm) £43.50
Holiday Club Part Day (9am to 4pm) £38.00

Frequently Asked Questions

When can my Child start free Nursery Education?

The Free Childcare is often referred to as Free Early Education Entitlement or FEEE. Three year olds will be able to start a free nursery place in the September, January or April following their third birthday.

Your child’s birthday must be before:
31 March will be eligible for free nursery education from the Summer Term (April)
31 August will be eligible for free nursery education from the Autumn Term (September)
31 December will be eligible for free nursery education from the Spring term (January)

These are the cut off dates. If your child’s birthday is for example on the 1st or 2nd January and the term starts on the 5th January I am afraid their funding will not start until the Summer Term after Easter because they have passed the cutoff date of 31st December.

How many funded hours can my Child have?

Your child is entitled to a maximum of 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year. Approved providers include child-minders, playgroups, pre-schools and day nurseries that are registered and inspected by OFSTED. Parents can choose which provider they would like their child to go to, as long as they have places available.

How can I use my funded hours at Topsham House?

You may access your 15 hours across a minimum of three days. We offer this in blocks of a minimum of three hours each, but for no more than 6 hours in one day. If you want to access your entitlement over just two days, the maximum allowance is 12 hours. For more information about the sessions we are able to offer please contact us.

Your 15 hours can be accessed using two different childcare providers.

Do all my funded hours have to be with the same provider?

No they do not have to be used with the same provider. You cannot have more than 15 funded hours per week and you do not have to use all 15 hours if you do not want to.

Does my child have to take up an early education place?

It is up to you to decide what kind of early education, if any, is right for your child. By law, children are not required to attend any educational setting until the term after their fifth birthday. The grant is only available until your child starts school

More information about Nursery Education Funding and Childcare Vouchers can be found on the following sites